Laibach: Love is still alive_tour

LAIBACH: Love is still alive

Festival Lent 2024 is starting on January 24th, 2024, with the concert in Narodni dom Maribor!

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Joker Out (foto

Kicks + slips + spark = Lent 2023!

This was the year we found out that people will throw aaaanything on stage. A shoe, a slip, a pack of that sticky icky....

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Even more festive! Even more colourful! Even richer!

Once the colourful skirts start spinning under the stage lights and the smiling faces of dancers from all around the...

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JazzLent? SuperJazzLent!

Four global jazz (super)stars: Manu Katché, Seun Kuti, Fred Wesley, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio!

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Stage lights on!

We are announcing what has been an absolute summer must in our city for the last thirty-five years: Festival Lent! 

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A festival of festivals

Festival Lent is much more than just a set of events offered in the beginning of summer. It brings together 4 concurrent...

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Who's been here?

From music giants and legends to an array of internationally acclaimed artists!

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What is Festival Lent?

The story of the Lent Festival is the story of evenings that smell like summer and invite you to socialize, to get out,...

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